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Renowned exclusive, DDoS mitigation


Our sensative filteration system is triggered within milliseconds - no matter how large or strong an attack is.

What is a DDoS attack?

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack aims to degrade services or take them completely offline by overwhelming a targeted site or platform with illegitimate traffic. Not only can this type of cyber-attack cost your company financially, but it also has the potential to tarnish credibility and be a huge cost to your company or gaming community.

Every product is supported by the Anti-DDoS infrastructure to defend against malicious activity. Our Anti-DDoS infrastructure combines edge, backbone, and data center network logic and has the proven capacity to mitigate attacks up to 1.3Tbps in size.

ddos icon

Layer 4 attack detected

23.7Gbps TCP SYN Flood - 12:30pm

ddos icon

Layer 7 attack detected

871Mbps HTTP GET Flood - 12:23pm

ddos icon

Layer 4 attack detected

157.4Gbps RAW UDP Flood / 30120 - 11:12pm


Every angle covered

  • icons--checkmark icon Layer 4 and Layer 7 DDoS Mitigation
  • icons--checkmark icon 4+ Tbit/s DDoS Protection - 20+ Tbit/s network capacity for global attack filtering
  • icons--checkmark icon Always-on attack detection
  • icons--checkmark icon Unmetered and at no additional cost, regardless of the volume of attack
  • icons--checkmark icon Layer 7 Application Filters
  • icons--checkmark icon More features coming soon!


Whether you’re looking to beef up your security for one of our servers or something outside, we’ve got you covered with plans to suit your needs:


For use with your Nanite Hosting server

  • icons--checkmark icon Layer 4 and 7
  • icons--checkmark icon Low Latency
  • icons--checkmark icon Unlimited Bandwidth
  • icons--checkmark icon No Speed Caps
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For servers outside our network

  • icons--checkmark icon Layer 4 and 7
  • icons--checkmark icon Redundant Network
  • icons--checkmark icon Anycast Network
  • icons--checkmark icon Smart Routing
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